Welcome to the GGSMA

The 2017 New Physician & PA Social will be held on October 5 at a new venue – The Greensboro History Museum. Plan to join us from 7-9:30 pm to welcome new physicians into our community and celebrate Oktoberfest! Click here for more details and parking information.

About Us

Founded in 1928 as the Auxiliary to the Guilford Medical Society, the GGSMA today has nearly 200 members. The Alliance is widely recognized for its long tradition of promoting community health in the Greater Greensboro area through its active involvement in issues of health education and promotion. Commitment to the changing health needs of our community and the strengthening of Greensboro’s medical family remain the focus of our organization, nearly nine decades after our founding.

  • Our Alliance has a long history of financial and volunteer support for health education and awareness promotions that benefit youth and families.
  • We have provided funding to local institutions for capital expenditures related to health education and/or special populations.
  • Finally, we focus our attention on issues affecting our society by sponsoring programs to raise awareness of the consequences of behaviors such as violence and underage drinking.

Becoming a Member

All spouses of physicians practicing in Guilford County are eligible to join the GGSMA.  They may also join the North Carolina Medical Society Alliance (NCMSA) and the American Medical Society Alliance (AMAA). Click here to join today!

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