Essay contest winners “have the power”

Earlier this spring, the Alliance recognized Title I middle school students who excelled in our annual anti-bullying writing contest.

This year’s theme, “I have the power,” encouraged students to think about bullying and use their power to help eliminate it in our schools and communities. Students could write a poem, essay or personal narrative (fiction or non-fiction) about a time they used their power to stand up for themselves, a friend, or even a stranger. Winners received a commemorative plaque, certificate, and monetary gift card from Target.

2016 essay contestOverall winners included: First place – David Nguyen, Allen Middle School; Second Place – Joseph Solomon, Northeast Guilford Middle School; and Third Place –  Selene Berry of Guilford Middle School. Pictured are the three winners from Northeast Guilford Middle School.

Many thanks to Katie Edmunds, VP of Health Promotions, for heading up the essay contest.

“Stand Up and Say Something” Essay Contest

The Greater Greensboro Society of Medical Alliance recently sponsored an anti-bullying writing contest among Guilford County’s Title I Middle schools. This year’s theme was:  “I can dream, I can think, and I can choose…” This theme encouraged students to dream of a world where their own actions could help prevent bullying and cyber-bullying by choosing to treat others with respect. Over 100 students participated in the contest. Winners received a commemorative plaque, certificate, and monetary gift card from Target.

Winners include: First Place, Edvige Sinfeya, Guilford Middle; Second place, Cincere Childress, Northeast Guilford Middle; and third place, Josiah Washburn, Northeast Guilford. There were also five honorable mentions: Tyrek Thompson, Alaija Lucas, Evelyn Angel, Jennifer Balanzar Pano, and Bles Cil.

The winning entry:


By Edvige Sinfeya

I can Dream of a rainless day

Behind the clouded fury,

Parting to make way for the sun.

I am a person like all of you.

Do not judge me by my differences

But by my character, my feelings,

Who I am on the inside is what really matters.

Things you say only scratch the surface because I can and will be ME.

I can think that my world will brighten

and my flower garden of people will smile and watch me grow.

I can choose to stand up when I am put down

To push back when I am pulled

To help those around me

To be the world I want to see,

To set the bar for others,

Others in Fury.